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The NICAM organisation is supported by four committees: the Science Committee, Advisory Committee, Complaints Committee and the Appeals Committee.

The Science Committee, Advisory Committee, Complaints Committee and Appeals Committee support NICAM with its duties.

Science Committee

NICAM's Science Committee consists of independent experts in the field of media and youth. The Science Committee formulates the criteria for the Kijkwijzer classifications and monitors the quality of the qualification system. It also discusses the possible consequences of new scientific findings, a changing media landscape and societal developments on the Kijkwijzer system.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee advises the Board about all aspects that play a role within NICAM. The Committee consists of experts in the field of media, youth and education as well as representatives from social organisations, including parent organisations. The Advisory Committee gives advice and acts as a societal soundboard.

Complaints Committee and Appeals Committee

Complaints are always handled by the NICAM office. If a breach of the Kijkwijzer rules is ascertained, the complaint will be forwarded to NICAM's Complaints Committee - consisting of independent lawyers - and a hearing will take place. The party found to be in the wrong will have the opportunity to institute an appeal against the judgement of the Complaints Committee with the Appeals Committee.