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Kijkwijzer on YouTube

O n 1 November, the new Media Act entered into force. As a result, online video channels can use Kijkwijzer to protect children by warning them for potentially harmful videos. They'll do this by signing up firstly with the Dutch Media Authority and secondly with NICAM.

The first phase of the introduction of Kijkwijzer Online this fall, is the development phase. Kijkwijzer Online is dynamic and will keep adapting to new insights. The experience of content creators and providers plays an important role in this.

The foundations for Kijkwijzer Online have been set, thanks in part to talks with video creators and providers. Because of these talks, the production process, wishes and expectations were taken into account. NICAM will keep consulting its users during the further development this fall.

Apart from these talks, Kijkwijzer Online is also based on research into the effects of online videos on children and an analysis of the specific nature of online video.

For the introduction of the changed Media Act, NICAM is working closely with the ministry of OCW, the Dutch Media Authority (CvdM) and Stichting Reclame Code. Each of these organisations plays a specific role. Just like with Kijkwijzer, NICAM will be responsible for the development and compliance of the rating system.

Published: November 02 2020