As of September Kijkwijzer will be applied on video sharing platforms

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A s of September Kijkwijzer wil have to be applied on Dutch channels on video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Published on: December 12 2022

A bill is currently before Parliament regarding the application of Kijkwijzer by Dutch channels on online video sharing platforms, such as YouTube. The bill will make the classification of online content mandatory and is intended to take effect in September 2020.

Now that it has become more clear how the law will be implemented, it has also become clear that Kijkwijzer should be applied by Dutch channels on videosharing platforms like YouTube. NICAM is therefore developing a system with which online video material can be rated. This provides children and their parents with the information they need to navigate safely through the online media landscape. NICAM is currently investigating the Dutch content offered by these media services and the extent to which it differs from the content that is already rated with Kijkwijzer. In addition, NICAM is investigating whether this content has different potentially harmful effects on children and whether a new system for these media services and their content should be developed.

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