Board of Participants

T he Board of Participants has the task of keeping the foundation informed of developments in the media landscape that are relevant to Kijkwijzer/NICAM.

The managing director submits important substantive developments to the Board for advice. The Council of Participants also approves NICAM's policy plan every year and has advisory rights on NICAM's budget.

The Council of Participants consists of representatives of the various Dutch audiovisual branches that founded NICAM in 1999.

Members of the Council of Participants

Vereniging voor Commerciƫle Omroepen (VCO)
- Mr. A. Kramer (chairman)
- Mrs. S. Teijgeler

Stichting Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO)
- Mr. T. Schippers
- Mrs. L. van der Zee

Nederlandse Vereniging van Filmdistribiteurs (FDN)
- Mr. A. de Jong

Nederlandse Vereniging van Entertainment Retailers (NVER)
- Mr. M. de Wilde

Nederlandse Vereniging van Bioscoopexploitanten en Filmtheaters (NVBF)
- Mr. G. Nolthenius

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